Halloween Range


Prepare for Halloween with our specially selected range of displays ideal for almost any retail sector. Halloween is the 3rd biggest retail event of the year and you don't want to miss out on potential sales. So, whether you need an entire display or just some added extras, we're here to help!

Increase Footfall

An eye catching display can entice passers by into your store.

Increase Sales

A well organised and tidy display using themes or colours can add impact and encourage customers to buy.

Store or Exhibition

Many of our displays are ideal for both store or exhibition use. Easy to assemble, easy to transport and great value for money.

Solid Acrylic Ring Display Single 6cm (G99+)


T-Bar Black Velvet Display Stand (G226)


Black Velvet Busts (G211+)

Large (G211) - Out of Stock

Extra Large (G213) - Out of Stock

Acrylic 20 Pair Earring Counter Display (DS24)

Circular 3 Tier Acrylic Cake Counter Stand with Chrome Uprights (DS22)



Acrylic A4 Portrait Chalkboard (DS38)

Counter Hook Rack in Black (J46)


Adjustable Clip with A7 Chalkboard Header - Pack of 5 (DS40)

Square 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Counter Stand (DSCS4SQ)


Circular 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Counter Stand (DSCS4R)


B-Grade Unfinished Rustic Wooden Crate (CR8)

OPEN LED Static/Flashing Sign Oval (LED2)



12 Hook Rotary Counter Stand in Chrome (J4/6)


Zinc Plated 40cm Collapsible Dump Bin (K67)


Out of Stock

24 Hook Rotary Stand (K66)

Out of Stock

Manufactured in the UK

Rotary 36 Hook Counter Stand (K10)

 Manufactured in the UK

Budget GP Stand (K34)


LED Fluorescent Plate 80 x 60 (LED600)


General Purpose Mesh Panel Stand in Black (K26B)

Manufactured in the UK



4 Sided Mesh Spinner in Black (K28B)

Manufactured in the UK

Free Shipping

Rustic Wooden Crate Display Shelving Unit (CR8S2)

Free Shipping

Single Sided 3 Basket Retail Stand in Black (BA112)

Free Shipping

Double Sided Slatwall Gondola (K103/4/3A)

Free Shipping

Double Sided 6 Basket Retail Stand in Black (BA113)

Free Shipping

4 Tier Dark Wood Shelved Display Stand (SP159)

Free Shipping

H Shape Slatwall Gondola (EHSHAPE)

Colour Options available

Free Shipping

Flat Top Wood Display Cart (SP190)

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