Hanging Arms

Add a new dimension to your slatwall display using hanging arms.

With a variety of designs to fit most retail environments such as fashion, motor sports, equestrian, golf and pet shops.

Light Duty Slat 8 Ball Arm (J32/8)

Heavy Duty 11 Ball Slatwall Arm (J33)

Straight Slat Wall Arm (J34)

Out of Stock

Slatwall D Bar (J35)

Out of Stock

Slatwall Millinery Arm (J53)

Ball Display Ring Slatwall (L3)

Slatwall Sloping Arm for Slatwall (J88)

Out of Stock

Rail for Slatwall (J100)


Slatwall Acrylic/Glass Shelf Brackets (J57/J58/J59)

Pair of Slatwall Wooden Shelf Brackets (J95/J96/J97)


Slatwall Wooden Shelf Brackets with Lip (OB6/7)