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1250mm Wide Pegmetal Gondola Unit

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Gondola unit supplied with one upright, two base legs, two plinth, two base shelves and plain backing panels for two sides. To complete a single unit or run of units one gondola end frame will be required.

From the options on the right select the stand height and base shelf depth. Select the colour of the unit and quantity of units required and click add to basket.

To complete a single unit or run of units 1 additional end frame will be required. Shelves are available on the previous page.

Pegmetal backing panels are 400mm high. Please see the following table for number of pegmetal panels for each unit height. Plain panels will be supplied for the excess.


Unit Height Pegmetal Panels Plain Panels Base
1200mm 800mm (4 x Panels) 300mm 100mm
1400mm 800mm (4 x Panels) 500mm 100mm
1600mm 1200mm (6 x Panels) 300mm 100mm
1800mm 1200mm (6 x Panels) 500mm 100mm
2000mm 1600mm (8 x Panels) 300mm 100mm