Light Grey PVC Inserts for Slatwall Panels (D10GREY)

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grey pvc slatwall inserts

PVC inserts are ideal for protecting your slatwall and adds a professional look to your display.

Supplied in 1200mm lengths for 1200mm x 1200mm (4ft x 4ft) slatwall boards.

Slide in from side of slatwall panel to fit or clip in from front.

•Colour: Light Grey
•Material: PVC
•Length: 1200mm / 120cm / 4ft
•Choose 11 x inserts or 23 x inserts

For a 1200mm x 1200mm panel, you will need 11 x inserts

For a 2400mm x 1200mm panel, you will need 23 x inserts

For 2 x 1200mm x 1200mm stacked one above the other, you will need 23 x inserts.

If your slatwall is fixed to the wall in the grooves then the inserts will cover the fixing for a seamless look.