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Product Pricing Cubes (PC1)

Heavy Duty Hang Tab (C2)


Cable Ties x 100 (CABLE)

Plastic Base With Castors (E1)

Window Epos Tags x 100 (EPOS03)

Pair of Aluminium Snap Frame Poster Bars (G59)

Magnetic Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER1)

Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER2)

Super Grip Acrylic Header/Sign Holder Clip (HEADER3)

Horizontal Slatwall Acrylic Bracket (DS3)

8 Hook Arm in Chrome (J40)

Extension Bar (J42)

Out of Stock

12 Hook Arm in Chrome (J76)

Out of Stock

Raw Header Clip (K70)

Spring Header A4 (K88)

Euro Slot Hole Punch (M1)


Heavy Duty Rubber Castors M10 Set of 4 (M2)

M8 Castors Set of 4 (M8)

Out of Stock

Bag Neck Sealer (O1)

 Out of Stock

Vinyl Tape for Neck Sealer - 6 Pack (O2 +)

Clear Tape Out of Stock

Tape Gun (O3)

Packing Tape (O3CL)

One Line Labelling Gun (PG1004)

Ink Roller For PG1004 Gun (PGIRO01)

Price Labeller in Black (PLBLACK)

Out of Stock

Ink Rollers Pricing Gun (PLINK)

Out of Stock

Price Labels - Pack of 10 Rolls (PLLABELS)

Price Labeller in Red (PLRED)

Card Holder for Garment Rail - Screw in (Q1)


Tagging Gun (Q31)

Standard Tagging Attachments x 5000 (Q31+)

Spare Needle for Tagging Gun 5 Pack (Q33)

Out of Stock

UV Currency Detector (W2)

Out of Stock

Wooden Coat Hangers (WCH100)

Avery 26mmx12mm PERM Labels WHITE (WP1226)


Avery 26mmx12mm REMOVABLE Labels WHITE (WR1226)


Avery 26mmx12mm PERM Labels YELLOW (YP1226)

Avery 26mmx12mm REMOVABLE Labels YELLOW (YR1226)

Out of Stock

Hanger Stacker (OX4)

 Out of Stock

Dummy Camera in Black (X5B)

Market Stall Clamps Set of 6 (Z3)