Be Seen This Christmas

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Published: 21st November 2016. Author: J. Taylor

The high street and markets are awash with paying customers in the run up to Christmas. Your goal this winter season is to make sure customers can find you, see your offers and then buy them!  So what can you do to achieve these goals?

Baby it's cold outside 

You may need to put a warm coat on, but to stand out amongst the throng of other retailers and the rush of passing trade, you need to ensure you have some signage outside of your property.

The most popular choice are A-boards and Waterboards which have the benefit of being able to advertise on both sides. Give your potential customers a reason to enter your shop with a brilliant offer or even a witty message.

Be careful with your placement though. Don't put your signs too far away from your door as they can be a trip hazard and also a hazard for the blind.

Window Wonderland

If you have window space, take advantage of it! Dress your window keeping your brand in mind, using Christmas decorations and well placed displays.

You can also advertise your Christmas offers in the window itself with cable and pocket displays allowing passing people to see exactly what's on offer.

Try using hashtags (if you are a twitter user), your website address in your window display, so even those in too much of a hurry to stop can search for you later online.

A sign of Christmas

Last but not least, once you have people inside your shop browsing your goods,they may still need a little direction. Use poster wall displays and literature holders inside your shop to bring customer attention to your offers.

Make sure you bring relevant information to your customers, not forgetting Christmas opening hours and last delivery dates.

We all want to make shopping as simple and hassle free as possible for our customers, so the more relevant and helpful information we can offer the better.