How to boost sales using colour

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Published 20th January 2017. Author: J.Taylor

Colour is vital to retail and we explore how adding colour can boost sales.

We are surrounded by colours every day, and colour can have an impact on our mood and perception.

The visual appearance of a store, website and displays are the strongest influence on shoppers to purchase. Most of what your customers see is the colours involved and each colour is associated with a different mood or a perception:

Red: Energy

Yellow: Happy

Green: Healthy and wealthy

Blue: Calm and trustworthy

Black: Powerful

Orange: Alert

Pink: Romantic

Purple: Luxurious

Of course, people are not all the same. Some favour purple over blue for example. Choosing colours can be a bit of a mine field, but with a bit of experimentation and testing, the right colours can increase conversions.

Knowing what works and knowing your customers can make all the difference.

When considering using colour in your displays, there are a few things to consider:

  • Brand colours
  • Product colours
  • Store/Background colours

Creating a dedicated display for a new product range or for a sale involves all of the above. Thought must be put into the design and colours being used. Do you want the display to have visual impact by contrasting colours to draw the eye, or blend stylishly with it's surroundings?

Brand Recognition

Incorporating your brand colours into displays helps increase brand recognition as customers associate those colours with your company. Using stands the same colour will achieve this whilst allowing your products to stand out.

This can also help when displaying at an exhibition bringing your booth together whilst catching the eye of passers by.

Product Colours

The colour of the products you wish to display need to be complimented. You need to avoid your products being made invisible by displaying them on stands or surfaces of the same colour. If you have many different coloured products it may be wise to try monochromatic colours to make them pop.

Store/Background Colours

The colours of your store walls will make a difference. Work with what is in place, or if you can, change it! In window displays you can add colour to the background using boards, grid panels or acrylics.

Colour Wheel

Using a colour wheel gives an "at-a-glance" reference to match colours, allowing you to make stunning combinations using opposite or adjacent colours.

Colour Wheel

Are you interested in adding a splash of colour to your displays? We offer a bespoke colour service* on many of our grid and  mesh products, and even card stands.

If you looking to add a little impact, please give our team a call on: 023 92632633 or email us with your requirements.

*Minimum order quantities apply

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