How to Display Greeting Cards Anywhere

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Published 17th February 2017. Author: J.Taylor

We look at the various ways to display greeting cards at shows, exhibitions, markets and stores.

The greeting card is thought to date back to the ancient Chinese who exchanged goodwill messages to celebrate New Years. The earliest appearance of the greeting card in Europe was in the 1400's.

In 2015, single card sales in the UK alone reached £1.5 Billion (Statistics from Greeting Cards Association).

Although, most greeting cards are purchased from shops, the online sales are still strong and it is easier than ever to find the perfect card for your loved ones via services such as MoonPig and Funky Pigeon.

The number of independent greeting card makers has also increased, with many unique and colourful designs to choose from.

Many independents sell their cards by stocking purchased card stands and supplying to retail stores.

If you thought the only way to display greeting cards was with a spinner stand, you have been misinformed! Below, we take a look at the different ways to display these mini works of art no matter the location.

Rotating Floor Card StandRotating Floor Stand

The most traditional and effective method for displaying maximum cards using the least space. Ideal for greeting card resellers and gift shops.

Our floor standing rotating card stands are made right here in the UK and are supplied with plastic wheel bases and header clips. We even have flat pack versions for easy transportation.

6 pocket sizes available.



Rotating Counter Stand

A smaller version of the floor stand but just as useful if space is limited.

Our rotating counter card stands all have static bases and header clips allowing you to use company branding and logos.

6 pocket sizes available.




Fold flat card rackFold Flat Tiered Card Rack

A great way to display different card stock sizes on one stand and it folds flat when not in use making the stand great for transporting.

Available in small or large sizes and also available in black or white.





Wall PanelWall Panels

A fantastic way to utilise wall space when there just is not any room left on counters of floor.

6 pocket sizes available.





Acrylic Slatwall Card DisplaySlatwall Display

If you have a Slatwall display, there are a few acrylics that are great for displaying greeting cards. The transparent acrylic also helps show the full face of the greeting cards.



Mesh Panel StandMesh Panel Display

Using clever pocket brackets, you can display any sized greeting cards on any Mesh Panel display.

This allows you to display on counter stands, rotating floor stands and wall panels.





Grid Pocket BracketsGrid Panel Display

Yes, there are also pocket brackets available for Grid panels. These brackets are designed for larger sizes i.e. A4

This means you can display your greeting cards on gondolas, free standing displays and wall displays.




Acrylic Card DisplaysCounter Stands

For shows or counter display, you can use acrylic or metal stands to showcase premium designs.

Available in different sizes.


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