How to Create a Mid Aisle Display

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Published 12th May 2017. Author: J.Taylor

Creating a mid aisle in your store can make use of unused space in the centre and is a great way to display store promotions.

Many stores, large and small have mid aisle displays and for good reason. Often referred to as the "Action Alley" a mid aisle display creates more opportunities for your customers to buy.

There are many ways to create mid aisles, all it needs is some well placed shop fittings or furniture, a little imagination and some great signage.

Metal Shelving System

Larger stores such as supermarkets favour the Metal Shelving system as it is heavy duty and comes in many sizes.

Metal shelving can also incorporate the "end cap" (a wall bay unit placed at the end of a gondola row) to attract sales from customers walking between aisles.

The Epos Strips on the shelves and units come in various colours allowing you to match with your brand colours.

This is not a light system by any means and can not be moved easily once assembled and in place, so is considered a more permanent fixture in a store.



Slatwall offers a few options to create a mid aisle. You can position H-Shape Gondolas next to one another to create a long aisle or just use one if you are short on space.

Cruciform gondolas are also ideal if you don't have a lot of space and having four sides means you don't miss out on display space.

Our Free-standing Slatwall units can be used back to back giving you display space from floor to ceiling (2m).

For something a little more premium, our double sided gondolas work great as a mid aisle system, either positioned in a row or on diagonals. They can also be utilised as a pop up stand in shopping mall walkways, small shops and even exhibitions and fairs.


Counters are a great way to create a mid aisle system as they offer counter space and shelving whilst still letting your customers see the rest of the store.


There simply is no end to the things you can create with the humble crate. From coffee tables to shelving displays, crates have it covered.

Use our Crate shelving units or Merchandisers back to back to create an eye catching mid aisle display or use individual crates to make a display of your own.


Of course, almost anything can be used to create a mid aisle display from tables to shelving units. You can even use the product themselves to build a display such as the popular fizzy drink creations often seen on social media.

If you would like some more ideas or help with product information, please give our sale team a call so we can help you find the perfect display solution for your store.

If you have a mid aisle display you are proud of, we'd love to see it!

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