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Published 9th June 2017. Author: J.Taylor

6 easy steps to making more sales instore or at your stall.

Running a store or stall can be hard work at the best of times, so what can you do quickly and easily to ensure your customers purchase during their visit?

Sometimes, with all of the day to day responsibilities, the small things can be forgotten. But it is often these small things that can make the biggest impression on potential customers.

With all this in mind, we've collated a small list of simple steps (a checklist if you will) of things you can do to maximise sales.

1. Keep it Tidy

Customers can put products back in the wrong places, items may fall to the floor (Clothes are infamous for this) and displays may even break or fail. A great display will not be effective if it is disorganised.

Make regular checks throughout the day to ensure displays are tidy and neat.

2. Keep stock rotating

Are some products not selling? Or perhaps you have best before dates?

With perishable products, it is important to ensure that older items are at the front so they sell first (although some savvy customers are hip to this and reach to the back). This can greatly reduce your stock wastage and therefore save some money.

If you have products that are not selling, move them from prime spots making way for best sellers and try putting them on sale. Using prime display space on badly performing products can really impact your sales.

3. Keep up with your stock levels.

Make regular checks to ensure you don't run out of stock on your shelves, empty shelving and displays can be off putting for customers. On the other hand, avoid overloading shelves with stock as this can lead to messy and unorganised displays (see Step 1).

4. Keep reaching up

If you are short on counter or display space, build up! Use taller display stands, add plinths and risers to counters. Using different levels in your displays can add extra interest to your displays and draw the eye of your customers.

5. Keep using props.

Add impact to your displays using relevant props. Show your customers different ways to use your products. Using brightly coloured or distinctive props will create maximum impact.

6. Signage

The importance of signage will never change. Customers want to know "at a glance" what your product is, how much it costs and if it's on offer.

There are so many types of signage, so you will need to ensure you choose signage that works with your store theme. Make sure your prices, offers and information is clear and ledgible.

Use larger signs to draw customers to certain displays in your store and smaller signage for product information. You will need to find the right balance of signage, so as not to overwhelm your customers with information or, even worse, not give them any information at all!

We have selected a few key display stands and POS (on the right) to help you with your displays. If you need further assistance or any advice, we are here to help! Call us on 023 92 632 633 or email.

We'd love to see photos of your displays which we can feature on our website and social media pages (with your permission of course). Please send any display photos to this email.

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