How to Avoid the Summer Slump

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Published 7th July 2017. Author: J.Taylor

We look at effective strategies to keep revenue up during the summer months

For some, summer means a boost in sales. Of course, if you sell travel goods, clothing, swimwear and flip flops, Summer will be the best 3 months of the year!

For the rest, we can expect reduced foot traffic and slower sales as this is the time our customers go on holiday or enjoy lounging in the sun.

But just because it's expected, does not mean you should accept it! Double your efforts and with a bit of planning you can increase your sales in store or online.

Try these tips and tricks to tackle the inevitable fall in sales.

Summer Sale

Yes, everyone does it, but that's because every little helps. Heat things up in store and online with a sizzling sale ensuring you promote it on social media and in store windows.

Create a dedicated section of your store for summer clearance items and a landing page on your website. Use clear and colourful signage to attract customers to that area.

Try to choose products that have relevance to summer or that people are more likely to use during the summer months and offer them at great prices.

You can theme your sale to add more interest. The most popular themed sales during summer are: Wimbledon, Beach, Travel and Back to School.

Store Layout

Arrange your store with attracting sales in mind. If your store looks inviting, people are more likely to visit. There are plenty of ways to highlight areas of your store using colours, lighting effects and props. Try videos or music to grab attention of your shoppers.

Keep the rewards coming

Try a deal where your customer receives a free gift on purchases over a certain amount. More often than not, customers will oblige even if they only intended to buy one item when they visited.

Another reward would be a gift voucher or coupon which they can use on their next purchase. Make sure this offer is valid during your quiet months (or weeks) to help boost those quiet times.

Social Media

Whilst it can have it's drawbacks, social media is becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Use these great networking tools to benefit your business.

Use social media to drive visitors to your store or offer them exclusive online discounts.

A good social media marketing strategy can really help boost those sales.

Make your Store Mobile

If sales are slow during the summer months, perhaps you can take your shop to where your customers are. Summer is filled with festivals, shows and events all over the country. Find a couple that fit your target audience and book a stall. Create offers that will encourage store visitors or online purchases after the event.

We have selected a few key display stands and POS (on the right) to help you with your displays. If you need further assistance or any advice, we are here to help! Call us on 023 92 632 633 or email.

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