How to Use Props in your Store Display

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Published 18th August 2017. Author: J.Taylor

Products can sell themselves when dressed correctly

To celebrate the addition of artificial food to our display range we're taking a look into the power of props.

Using props in store can greatly increase sales. Customers enjoy seeing a product in use, it can highlight the aesthetics of the product and show an example of it's use. Viewing a product in this manner is far more pleasing than a sheet of information and specifications.


Visual merchandising is one of the most powerful tools a retailer has. When done right, displays can tell a story, appeal to customer desires and attract customers to products.

Props are an important part of this as they help show the function of a product and even tell them about brand and store concepts.

Stores would be rather bland without props, after all, you rarely see a clothing shop without mannequins or cafes and restaurants without artificial food nowadays.

When using props, ensure they are appropriate for the theme and compliment the products you want to sell.

Props add theatre to your store and can help create an atmosphere. An Italian restaurant, for example, may choose props such as wine bottles, fish, famous Italian buildings and so on. The restaurant (depending on brand concept) wants you to feel like you are in Italy.

You may also want to utilise props in your product photography, to bring your product to life.


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