5 Ways to get the most from Black Friday

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Published 29th September 2017. Author: J.Taylor

Black Friday hails the start of Christmas shopping and sales are increasing every year.

Last year, in the UK, adults spent on average £117 each on Black Friday totalling a whopping £6.45 billion!

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th but Black Friday is quickly becoming Black November with deals starting at the beginning of the month.

Most of the the spend does happen online and the focus is usually technology products, but this does not mean a brick and mortar business has to miss out.


1. Signage

Probably the most important of all is making sure customers can see your great offers at a glance and from a distance. Draw them in with simple, eye catching posters and signs. If you want to get a head start, advertise your Black Friday offers in advance and encourage customers to subscribe or sign up for store cards.

Black Friday Sale Sign

2. Window Display

Whether you have a large or small window display area, this area can be key to attracting customers into your store. Place your top sales items showing discounted prices. If you have limited space try a Window Cable Display to communicate your offers to passers-by.

Window Cable Display

3. Basket Display

Sales such as Black Friday can involve moving a lot of stock. Basket displays are an excellent way to display maximum stock without using up too much space. This can also mean you won't having to be restocking so often ensuring your staff can manage the tills.

Wicker Basket Stand

4. Dump Bins

Dump bins are a great way to encourage last minute purchases and impulse buys. Place at the end of aisles or close to the till so they can't be missed.

Alternatively, if you are expecting heavy footfall and need to manage your queues, dump bins are an excellent way to quickly create a queue system. Add a Spring Header with a directional poster and you are good to go.

Dump Bin

5. Pricing

Customers like shopping to quick and easy so prices need to be clearly visible and easily understood. There are many ways to price your products: Pricing guns, tags, epos tags, literature displays, chalkboards and header clips.

Pricing Gun

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