Counter Hook Stand - 3 Adjustable Hooks - POS Shop Display (J400)

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This 3 euro hook adjustable counter shop display is ideal for confectionery, merchandise, souvenirs and other POS items.

Each hook is adjustable in height (or remove entirely if you need the space).

The hook display features a header for branding or pricing and interlocking base plinths so you can create a fixed row for your goods.

The simple yet effective design comes in 6 parts and is easy to assemble.

  • 3 x 6.75" euro hooks included
  • Black header, hooks and base plinth
  • Silver pole
  • Adjustable hook position
  • Interlocking base plinth (when buying more than one)
  • Each hook can take a maximum of 700g

    Display Ready

    Header plaque for branding

    3 x euro hooks included

    Easy to assemble


    Adjustable hook height

    Interlocking base plinths

    Add your own branding


    Ideal for till position

    Counter display

    Maximum visibility


    Easy Assembly

    Fitting the pole

    Slot the Pole into the base Plinth.


    Fitting the Hooks

    Slot each hook onto the pole and tighten at the rear.


    Fitting the Header

    Slot the Header into the pole.


    Material: Plastic and aluminium
    Colour: Black & Silver
    Stand Dimensions:

    Height: 571mm / 57.1cm / 22.5"

    Width: 100mm / 10cm / 4"

    Depth: 230mm / 23cm / 9"

    Header Dimensions:

    Height: 69mm / 6.9cm / 2.75"

    Width: 94mm / 9.4cm / 3.75"

    Base Plinth Dimensions:

    Height (at rear): 15mm / 1.5cm / 0.62"

    Width: 100mm / 10cm / 4"

    Depth: 230mm / 23cm / 9"

    Number of Hooks: 3
    Hook Size:

    Total Length: 174mm / 17.4cm / 6.75"

    Useable Length: 160mm / 16cm / 6.25"

    Width: 20mm / 2cm / 0.75"

    Boxed Dimensions:

    Height: 520mm / 52cm / 20.5" 

    Width: 170mm / 17cm / 6.75"

    Depth: 170mm / 17cm / 6.75"

    Boxed Weight: 500g
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