Hooks & Accessories

Single Mesh Hooks for Retail Shop Display Storage (J10)


Single Mesh Hook in Black (J10/BLACK)


Single Mesh Hook in White (J10/W)


Mesh Euro Hook (J9+)

Mesh Euro Hook in Black (J9/BLACK)


Mesh Euro Hook in White (J9/WHITE)


Budget White Single Mesh Hook (T9)


Economy Wire Mesh Display Euro Hook (J9ECON)


Edged Acrylic Sundries Tray for Counter, Slatwall or Grid (G14+)

 Manufactured in the UK


Greeting Card, DVD, or Book Angled Shelf Display for Grid & Mesh in 4 Sizes (DS39+)

 Also fits 2" x 1" Mesh Panel Stands


Mesh Ball Arm Circular Holder (J900)



Baseball Cap Holder Rack in Chrome for Gridwall or Mesh (J200)

Mesh Poster Card Literature Pocket Brackets (Q66)


Grid & Mesh Adjustable Pocket Brackets for Brochures, Cards and Calendars (K40)

Manufactured in the UK

S Shaped Hooks

Manufactured in the UK

Mesh Stand Removable Header (K11WH)

Small Basket to Fit Mesh/Gridwall (K30)

Now available in Black & White

Manufactured in the UK

Full Size Basket for Mesh/Gridwall (K31)

Now in Black & White

Manufactured in the UK

Universal Sloping Basket to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall/Mesh (OX3)

Universal Basket to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall/Mesh (OX2)

Universal Fit Chrome Retail Basket For Slatwall, Gridwall & Mesh Display 609mm Wide (J83)

Small Basket to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall (J54)

Universal Deep Basket (J55)

Magnetic Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER1)

Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER2)


Price Clip for Cable, Wire or Hooks (HEADER4)


Adhesive Price Display Clip for Shop Displays (HEADER5)


Wire Basket Price Holder Clip (WBH1)

Spring Loaded Header Clip with A4 Frame for Dump Bins, Grid & Mesh Display (K88)

A5 Landscape Flag Poster Sign Holder with 8" Hook (G19)