Sunglasses & Miscellaneous


Wooden Long Serving Tray Rustic Style with Black Handles (DI5/S)


Rustic Wooden Long Serving Display Tray with Handles (DI5)

Acrylic Rotating Slatwall Counter Display for Gifts, POS & Jewellery (DS73/W)


Freestanding Acrylic Sunglasses Counter Display (DS69/C)

Wall Mounted Nail Varnish Display Shelf in Acrylic (DS68)

Premium Nail Polish Wall Mounted Display in Acrylic (DS66/C)


Nail Polish Wall Mounted Shelf Display in Acrylic (DS67/C)


Counter Top Dump Bin Circular Dispenser (G991)

Acrylic Counter Display Showcase (DS31/1)

Acrylic Counter Display 1 Tier Cabinet (DS30/1C)

3 Tier Circular Acrylic Counter Display (G166)

Stainless Steel 2-Arm Handbag Display Accessory Stand (G901)


Stainless Steel Adjustable Height Handbag Purse Holder Display (G900)


Chrome Adjustable Height Handbag Display Holder (G500)


2 Arm Hanger Counter Unit in Chrome for Handbags, Purses and Scarves (G201)


4 Arm Adjustable Display Hanger Stand (G200)


Freestanding Safety Acrylic Mirror Opticians, Beauty Counter (G103)


Solar Powered Rotating Display (G219+)

Sample Display Case in Black with Lid for Counter and Cabinet Display (G225)

Acrylic Display Stand Riser in 3 Sizes for Jewellery, Models, Cakes (DS/G66/67/68)

Circular 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Counter Stand (DSCS4R)


Square 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Counter Stand (DSCS4SQ)