Artificial Food Props

Bring your displays to life with our collection of artificial food props.  Ideal for decorating counter and wall displays or even for as props for your product photography.


Artificial Red Apple (FF1)

Artificial Green Apple (FF1G)

Artificial Pear (FF2)

Artificial Orange (FF3)

Artificial Lemon (FF4)

Artificial Large Lime (FF4/1)

Artificial Bunch of Green Grapes (FF5)

Artificial Bunch of Black Grapes (FF5/R)

Artificial Cherries (FF6)

Artificial Garlic String (FF7)

Artificial Cauliflower (FF8)

Artificial Chillies (FF9)

Artificial Red Pepper (FF10)

Artificial Green Pepper (FF11)

Artificial Yellow Pepper (FF12)

Artificial Wooden Eggs- Bag of 6 (FF13)

Artificial Brioche Roll (FF16)

Artificial Brioche Twist (FF17)