Greeting Card Displays

What display works best for you?


If you are a retailer or design and make your own greeting cards to sell, investing in the right card stand will not only help increase sales but help you use what space you have wisely.

Card stands provide storage organisation for your cards, keep your counter or table top clutter free and help your customers see what cards you have for sale.

We offer a range of different styles depending on your needs, so let's explore what options you have below.


Before purchasing a card stand, it is important to know what size your cards are! If you sell greeting cards with envelope and cellophane packing, you will need to include these in your measurements so you know which pocket size you need.

Simply measure the height and width of your cards (including packaging where relevant), this will tell you the pocket size you require.

Card & Packaging measures: 156mm /15.6cm / 6.14" high x 159mm /15.9cm / 6.26" wide

Recommended Pocket Sizes: 7"x 7" or 8"x 6"


The most popular of all card displays is the "spinner". You can choose from floor standing or counter standing and both offer a small footprint but the ability to display multiple card designs.

Spinners feature a pocket cage that sits atop a pole and base. The cage rotates independently of the base allowing customers to easily browse the range available.

We offer Pocket sizes from 6"x4" up to 8" x 6" with a choice of 24 pockets per stand, 36 pockets per stand or 48 pockets per stand.

40 x C5 Pocket Spinner Stand (J16B)
24 x 8x6 Pocket Spinner Stand (K53W)
48 x 7x7 Pocket Spinner Stand (K58)


If space is not a concern, multi card racks are an ideal method for showcasing your greeting cards. Due to their tiered design, you can use racks for different sizes of card (or leaflets and books). You can fit more designs on one stand without being restricted by a pocket size.

We offer small, medium and large card racks.

Small Card Rack (E8)
Medium Card Rack (E6)
12 Tier Large Card Rack (K136)


Acrylic card stands are great for counter or tabletop placement. We make the acrylic card stands onsite and offer a range of widths and tier quantities.

Acrylic offers a modern design without detracting attention from your cards.

The majority of our acrylic stands feature tiers to better showcase your card range. We also have a flat pack range to keep costs down and our newest designs are able to be mounted on slatwall, gridwall, mesh panel, wall mounted or freestanding on counter tops.

The compact designs allow you to display a good range without taking up all your counter space. Placing them near the till can increase last minute sales.

4 Tier 300mm Wide (DS42/300)
12 Pocket Rotating Card Stand (DS47)
3 Tier 600mm Wide (DSL3)


If you're short of floor or counter space, wall panels are a great alternative and can be used for brochures, leaflets and greeting cards. We offer 5 pocket sizes: C5, 6"x4", A5, A4 and DL (third of A4).

Simply  affixe to the wall of your choice and display your cards.

Postcard Panel (Q9)
8 x A4 Pocket (Q7)
8 x C5 Pocket Panel (J16P/B)