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Slatwall Display

Exploring the benefits of Slatwall and it's uses.



Slatwall is essentially a structural material used as a wall covering to display fixtures and fittings. Most commonly constructed from MDF with horizontal slats capable of holding a large range of displays and fixtures such as shelving, dispensers and hooks.

Slatwall can be supplied in full panels (2400mm x 1200mm) or half panels (1200mm x 1200mm) but most stockists supply the half panels due to transport costs of the full panels being much more costly. Half panels can be stacked with the join being hidden with an inserts.

Slatwall is known by a few names such as Slatwall, slatted wall, slat panel, slotwall and groove wall.

Slatwall is highly versatile and can be used in many ways for retail, home storage, garage organisation, exhibitions and more.

If you need a better way to display and organise your products, Slatwall is a great investment.


Slatwall is mostly bought as wall panels, but you can also find Slatwall gondolas, wall bay units and mid aisle displays.

Slatwall is very popular within the retail industry due to the amount of compatible fixings and fixtures. With the majority of stock being displayed on Slatwall, it can save an incredible amount of floor space.

Slatwall is also used in the hospitality sector for reception areas, offices and gift shops.

You can use Slatwall at home to help organise your kitchen, study, shed or garage. 

You can further strengthen your slatwall display with the use of aluminium inserts which is highly recommended when displaying or storing heavier items.

Freestanding K32 Slatwall Unit
Mid Aisle Slatwall Display
Slatwall Gondola


  • Utilises vertical space
  • Saves floor space
  • Available in different forms
  • Choice of colours and wood grains
  • Add your Brand colours by using PVC inserts
  • Strong & durable
  • Affordable
  • Can be repurposed
  • Large range of compatible fixtures and fittings


To begin, you will need to know how many panels you require. Our panels measure 1200mm x 1200mm. 

Once you have ordered and received your panels, store them flat for at least 24 hours ideally in the room in which you are installing them. This will ensure the wood does not warp and gives it time to settle so it is easier to install.

Slatwall can be affixed to almost any flat surface.Your walls must be flat and level. If installing over masonry walls, you will need to affix wood battens first. The correct screws must be used for your walls (not supplied).

You will need at least two people to install due to the weight of the panels (18kg per half panel). At least 24 screws are recommended to support the panel and fixture weight.

If you are using PVC inserts, we recommend leaving the slats empty when affixing to the wall. You can then drill through the thinnest part of the wood and once fitted, push in the insert to hide the screwheads.

  1. Mark the position of your wall studs or fitted battens.
  2. Align the panel with the wall studs and mark the positions.
  3. Check your markings are level.
  4. Drill the holes as required.
  5. Check all is level (again).
  6. Continue to insert the screws until complete.
  7. Fit inserts
  8. Fit remaining panels.