Headers/Hook Tiers/Baskets/Poles

Pack of 5 Double Sided Chalkboard Headers (DS41/A+)

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Double Sided Chalkboard Header (DS41/K34)

Magnetic Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER1)

Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER2)


Advertising Clip 2cm (HEADER2/A)

Adjustable Clip with A7 Chalkboard Header - Pack of 5 (DS40)

Super Grip Acrylic Header/Sign Holder Clip (HEADER3)

Spring Header A4 (K88)

Horizontal Slatwall Acrylic Bracket (DS3)

Market Stall Clamps Set of 6 (Z3)


Raw Header Clip (K70)

Card Holder for Garment Rail - Screw in (Q1)


6 Hook Arm in Chrome (J78)

8 Hook Arm in Chrome (J40)

12 Hook Arm in Chrome (J76)

Extension Bar (J42)