5 x 7 (C6) Greeting Card Rotating Counter Stand in White (24 pocket) (K12W)

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A rotary counter card stand in white with 5" x 7" pockets arranged on 4 sides.

Each side has two columns of 3 pockets. These pockets display the full face of a card with no overlap. The height of this stand is 750mm and the width and depth is 330mm.

Please see photo for minimum and maximum sizes
Header clip welded to top of stand (see picture).

Also available in silver and black.

Also suitable for C6 size cards

Minimum card size: 95mm width x 110mm height (3.75" x 4.5")

Maximum card size: 135mm width x 205mm height (5.25" x 8")

Please allow for packaging and envelope when measuring cards

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