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Necklace Display Busts - Grey Leatherette - 3 Sizes Available (G611-4GL)

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These dark grey leatherette busts are ideal for displaying necklaces, chains, pendants and charms.


The grey leatherette supplies a great neutral backdrop for your jewellery. Make your statement pieces stand out and increase the visual impact of your shop window, display cabinet or stall.


Easy clean, just wipe with damp cloth.


Available in 3 sizes or a full set:


Small: 155mm / 6.2" High x 110mm / 4.3" Wide (G614GL)

Medium: 240mm / 9.5" High, x 185mm / 7.25" wide (G612GL)

Extra Large: 330mm / 13" High x 255mm / 10" wide (G613GL)


Ideal for jewellery stores, fashion outlets, pop up stores, boutiques, antique stores, craft fairs and home use.


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Dark Grey

G614GL Sizes

Height: 155mm / 15.5cm / 6.2"

Width: 110mm / 11cm / 4.3"

Depth: 90mm / 9cm / 3.75"

G612GL Sizes:

Height: 240mm / 24cm / 9.5"

Width: 185mm / 18.5cm / 7.25"

Depth: 140mm / 14cm / 5.5"

G613GL Sizes

Height: 330mm / 33cm / 13"

Width: 255mm / 25.5cm / 10"

Depth: 170mm / 17cm / 6.75"

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