Desk Clamp for Desk Guard System Sneeze Guards for Desk & Table Mounting 45mm SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (K143)

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These Heavy duty bracket clamps have been designed and manufactured specifically for use with our Desk Guard Dividers. Safety in the workplace is paramount, so to protect employees where minimum distances are difficult to achieve, these protective desk guard screens are required.

Heavy duty desk bracket clamps designed to clamp onto desk overhangs or lip. Use together with our Desk Guard System to protect your employees.

Ideal for offices, libraries, schools, canteens, health centres and shared spaces. 


Discover our range of screens for desk, counter and table.

We recommend 2 Brackets for screens between 600mm and 1200mm. For larger sizes, 3 bracket clamps are advised for added stability.

  • Sold individually
  • Holds a maximum of 8mm acrylic
  • Heavy Duty
  • Silver Colour
  • Allen Keys Supplied
  • Easy to use
  • Desk or table MUST have an overhang or lip of at least 40mm / 4cm / 1.5"
  • Minimum Desk Thickness: 25mm / 2.5cm / 1"
  • Maximum Desk Thickness: 45mm / 4.5cm / 1.75"
  • Screws must not be over tightened to avoid damage to acrylic screens or furniture

Bracket Installation Instructions Print/Download



Bracket Specifications:

Colour: Silver

Height: 112mm / 11.2cm / 4.5"

Width: 40mm / 4cm / 1.5"

Depth: 65mm / 6.5cm / 2.6"

Minimum Desk Thickness: 25mm / 2.5cm / 1"

Maximum Desk thickness: 45mm / 4.5cm / 1.75"

Install with Allen Keys (provided)