Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap 19 Rung Display Stand in Silver (K65)

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Manufactured in the UK

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Display your gift wrap with ease with this wrapping paper stand. Manufactured in the UK to a high quality finish.

Can also be used to display towels, throws, tea towels, blankets and pet accessories.

  • 19 rung double sided wrapping paper stand in silver.
  •  9 rungs on each side with 1 rung on top.
  • Comes in 4 pieces: Top, Base and 2 x legs.
  • Overall height 1565mm.


Easy to assemble

No tools are required to build this stand. It is supplied in 4 pieces and simply slots together. Watch our assembly video and see for yourself!

Material: Metal
Colour: Silver
Wire Thickness: 8mm / 0.8cm / 1.25"
Fits: Gift wrap (single sheets) width: 495mm / 49.5cm / 19.5"

Height: 1565mm / 156.5cm / 61.6"

Width: 558mm / 55.8cm / 22"

Depth: 460mm / 46cm / 18.2"

Vertical pitch (space between tiers): 127mm / 12.7cm / 5"

Clearance (bottom rung to floor): 400mm / 40cm / 15.75"

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