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Photos supplied by our very own customers showing our stands used in shop displays and exhibitions!

Should you wish to have your photos included, please email us: with your invoice/order number, company name, website address and your photos. 

Customer Reviews


Found you via the internet for my nephew, Vincent's home project and you came up trumps. Complete satisfaction all round with delivery this morning.

5 out of 5

Alan Evans - 26/04/2019


It's been a great service and great product, we will continue to useand highly recommend you!

5 out of 5

Daniel Petralia - Blue Tiger - 17/04/2019



Great service

5 out of 5

Robert Murphy - Fixings - 11/04/2019


Purchased Gridwall

5 out of 5

Faye Nemeth - Phase Purple - 09/04/2019


Asked for weight limit on each castor, info given immediately.

5 out of 5

Carl Nicholls - Shyllar Show Team UK - 03/04/2019



Mesh Display & hooks. Excellent service

5 out of 5

Pat Kennelly - Fieldgood Crafts - 02/04/2019


Good Quality Products, helpful at the showroom and quick delivery. Perfect!

5 out of 5

Rachel Fairhurst - Rachel's Toy Shop  - 30/03/2019


Excellent Service

5 out of 5

Paul Fletcher - 24/03/2019


Returning Customer. Goods were delivered on time within 2-3 days. Quick and efficient service. Please with Goods.

5 out of 5

Martin Unwin - BON-TAG - 14/03/2019



This order arrived the day after I ordered it. Fantastic Service. Thank you.

5 out of 5

Jane Gross - 13/03/2019



Greeting Card stand and chalkboard.

5 out of 5

Lily Usher - LAFU Handmade Cards - 13/03/2019



Customer Photos

Smartwool Grid Panel Display

E3J12 Grid Panel Displays with E3H Headers and

D Bars @Smartwool

Queen Bees - Counter Acrylics

Selection of Acrylic Plinths and Menu Holders @QueenBeesTea

Tharpa - K32/600

K32/600W Freestanding Slatwall Display in White @Tharpa

Pams World Card Stand

K5 Counter Card Stand - @Pam'sWorld

Whistlebare - K90

K90 on tabletop @Whistlebare

Yellow Chicken House - J15

J15 & E8W Card Stands @YCH_Cards

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