Wooden Long Serving Display Tray - Rustic with Handles - Catering, Kitchen (DI5)

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This tray are a perfect addition to any display and has a wealth of uses including flower or herb tray, Garden utensil holder, Spice rack for the kitchen, mantel piece display, jewellery, crafts, food, glassware and more.

Strong handles on each end.

Popular in the catering industry for condiments and sauces, this tray is functional as well as beautiful.

  • Rustic Wood finish
  • Metal Handles



Height: 90mm / 9cm / 3.5"

Width: 980mm / 98cm / 3' 2.5"

Depth: 200mm / 20cm / 8"

Inner Tray Dimensions:

Depth: 157mm / 15.7cm / 6.25"

Length/Width: 937mm / 93.7cm / 3' 0.75"

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