6 Space Saving Tips

How to make your store look bigger and making the most of your space.


The first thing you'll need to think about is your layout or floor plan. How much space do you have? Consider the shape of the room and even the height.

Nooks and crannies may work very well for adding a focal point or to create storage.

Smaller spaces may have less floor space for furnishing and retail displays. Use the walls where possible (slatwall is always a great solution as it enables you to change your displays quickly and easily without using any floor space.

High ceilings? Consider using hanging displays to utilise the space, but beware of blocking your customer's view around the store.

We found this free store layout maker online to help you plan the perfect layout.


Natural light will always make a space seem brighter and larger. Avoid covering windows to let the light in.

If your space is dark, ensure there is plenty of lighting especially in key areas. Warm lighting can be more inviting and makes your space feel cosy. Use cooler lighting to brighten your space.


Neutral and light colours help the light travel through your space making it feel bigger than it is. A tried and tested technique in homes and retail stores. This can be done using paint, wallpapers or slatwall panels.

If you want bold colours, try accent walls using paint or wallpaper. Ensure you have planned your layout so you know the location and size of your main focal points in store. Using a pop of colour towards the back of your store will effectively lead your customers towards the area.

Colour also applies to your furnishings and shop fittings. Using white, light or neutral coloured furnishings will also help make your space feel bigger.


Mirrors are an effective way of reflecting light throughout your store. This is especially effective when opposite a natural light source.

Use large mirrors or make a playful feature using mirror shapes such as circles.

If you sell clothing or fashion accessories, mirrors are always welcomed by customers.


As mentioned previously, using light coloured furnishings will help your space feel larger.

Why not use clear acrylic shelving, acrylic displays or glass counters to let the light travel further without being blocked by shelving or bulky dark furniture.

You can use furnishings to add a pop of colour to compliment your neutral d├ęcor which will draw the eye of customers browsing in store

Use your flooring to make your space feel larger with stripes or monochrome designs. Ensure any pattern used invites the customer towards the back of your store.

Do not block your store entrance with furniture or shop fittings. There should be a clear path for your customers to follow so they feel welcome.


This is our favourite part! Displaying your products in a neat and tidy manner will certainly make your space feel bigger, especially if you can create straight lines to guide your customers through your store.

There are plenty of space saving display stands available:

If you are restricted from wall mounting, there are freestanding displays you can use to line your walls without damaging them.

Use displays on wheels so you are able to easily move around the store.

Rotating stands such as the J11 make the most of small spaces whilst still displaying a large number of products.

Mesh Panel Stands
Card Stands