Craft Fair buyers guide

If you sell your handmade crafts at fairs, it's important to display them at their best!


When it comes to preparing for a craft fair, there are several essential components to consider. Your display should be easy to set up and take down quickly, while also being eye-catching and professional-looking. You will also need to choose the right display materials that can accommodate a variety of items and keep them secure.

When selecting display materials, be sure to choose items that are easy to transport and store. Tables, shelves, and racks should be lightweight and collapsible, and the surfaces should be durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Ensure you have enough materials to accommodate the size and shape of your items. For example, if you’re selling jewellery, you’ll need a display with specific compartments to keep each piece secure.

K26 in White


Lighting is essential for any craft fair display. If you have access to a power source, you should opt for lights that are bright enough to make your items stand out, but not so bright that they overwhelm the items or make customers uncomfortable. Make sure your display is lit evenly to ensure that all your items are visible.

This can be achieved using plug in lamps, light up plinths, battery powered or solar lights. Get creative!


Signage is important when setting up for a craft fair. Consider adding banners, signs, and other visuals to your display to draw attention and communicate information. You could also include a description of each item and a list of available sizes and colours.

Use signage that fits your brand such as acrylics or chalkboards to ensure your display is cohesive.

Mini Chalkboards


Finally, be sure to bring along a few extras to make your display truly stand out. This could include decorations, props, and promotional materials such as business cards and flyers. By following these tips, you can create a craft fair display that will attract customers and help you make the most of your craft fair experience.