Baskets & Shelves

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Greeting Card, DVD, or Book Angled Shelf Display for Grid in 2 Sizes (DS39+)



Solid Shelf for Grid Panel with Brackets (J701)

White - Low Stock

Shirt Easel Shelf for Grid Panel (J2)

Grid Panel Wooden Shelf Brackets with Lip (J81/J82)

Shelf with Front Lip to Fit Gridwall (J23)


Corner Shelf to Fit Gridwall (J22)


Flat Shelf to Fit Gridwall (J25)

Sloping Shelf with Lip to Fit Gridwall (J24)


Small Basket to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall (J54)

Out of Stock

Universal Deep Basket (J55)

Out of Stock

Universal Basket to fit Slatwall/Gridwall/Mesh (J83)

Small Basket to Fit Mesh/Gridwall (K30)

Manufactured in the UK

Out of Stock

Full Size Basket for Mesh/Gridwall (K31)

Out of Stock

Manufactured in the UK

DVD/ Book Shelf to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall (K38)


Shoe Shelf to fit Gridwall (K59)


Grid Panel Shelf (X1)


Universal Sloping Basket to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall/Mesh (OX2)

Universal Sloping Basket to Fit Gridwall/Slatwall/Mesh (OX3)