Headers/Hook Tiers/Baskets/Poles

Pack of 5 Double Sided Chalkboard Headers (DS41/A+)

Double Sided Chalkboard Header (DS41/K34)

Magnetic Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER1)

Advertising Clip 8cm (HEADER2)

Adjustable Clip with A7 Chalkboard Header - Pack of 5 (DS40)

Super Grip Acrylic Header/Sign Holder Clip (HEADER3)


Price Clip for Cable, Wire or Hooks (HEADER4)


Adhesive Price Display Clip for Shop Displays (HEADER5)


Wire Basket Price Holder Clip (WBH1)

Spring Header A4 (K88)

Horizontal Slatwall Acrylic Bracket (DS3)

Market Stall Clamps Set of 6 (Z3)


Raw Header Clip (K70)

Card Holder for Garment Rail - Screw in (Q1)


6 Hook Arm in Chrome (J78)

8 Hook Arm in Chrome (J40)

12 Hook Arm in Chrome (J76)

Extension Bar (J42)